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We offer professional photography and videography services, trusted by leading universities like Notre Dame, Indiana University, and Southwestern Michigan College.

For decades, we’ve helped educational institutions tell their stories in captivating ways, from stunning visuals for publications like books, magazines, and websites to engaging videos used for:

Content messaging that resonates with students and faculty.

Revealing the personal and research stories that make your institution unique.

Generating excitement and interest in your programs and offerings.


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Our team, led by the experienced and passionate Steve, has a deep understanding of the educational landscape. We collaborate closely to capture the essence of your institution, from its vibrant campus life to the groundbreaking research taking place within its walls.

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Benefits of partnering with Midwest Photographics:

Experienced team with a proven track record serving universities and colleges.

High-quality photography and videography that captures the essence of your institution.

A creative and collaborative approach that brings your vision to life.

Flexible services to meet your unique needs.

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